Thursday, 23 July 2009

Favourite Albums - B

Blessed Be - The 69 Eyes (2000)

Ok. Cards on the table time. When I first came up with this list of 26* albums b was one of the first ones I came up with. It was "Back in Black" by AC/DC. Job done, easy peasy. Let's move on to more difficult choices like M.

It was only when I was cycling through all my "B" albums looking for the honourable mentions for this post that "Blessed Be" came onto my radar again. I knew it had strong, strong songs like "Heaven/Hell", "Brandon Lee", "The Chair", ... that were on my 69 eyes playlist which got some heavy rotation, but I'd forgotten that the list of strong songs doesn't really stop. Well, I'm not a great fan of "Stolen Season" but then it's not a bad track by any means. I first discovered the 69 eyes on some gothic rock compilation in about 2005. The compilation was so memorable I a) don't know where it is and b) can't remember what it was called. Great huh?

The track that was on it was "Brandon Lee", which instantly got extra attention due to it's Crow like reference. On my old iTunes and before I found, before that machine died the week of my wedding it was top by a country mile, streets ahead of "Now, Diabolical" by Satyricon that was also getting lots of plays. Blessed Be is the album that features that track and according to wikipedia "There are many references throughout the album to the 90's cult film and comic book The Crow. For example, Brandon Lee, the lead actor who was shot and killed by accident while on the set, is also the name of the fourth track on the album. The song is a tribute to his memory." So there you go. Check it out, it's a beautiful album. Tho if you get the limited edition it comes with a dance mix of "The Chair" which is best avoided, but does have the videos to the other singles. Que sera.

# Title Length
1 Framed In Blood 3.46
2 Gothic Girl 4.23
3 The Chair 4.10
4 Brandon Lee 3.29
5 Velvet Touch 4.39
6 Sleeping With Lions 3.45
7 Angel On My Shoulder 3.56
8 Stolen Season 4.34
9 Wages of Sin 4.09
10 Graveland 5.07
11 30 3.01
12 Heaven / Hell 3.42
The singles were "Gothic Girl", "Brandon Lee", "The Chair", "Stolen Season". Good choices? The first three, yes. I'd have probably gone with "Framed in Blood" or "Velvet Touch" for the fourth. Tho it does give a nice change of pace I guess, so I can see why they went for it.
Favourite Tracks
"Brandon Lee", "The Chair", "Velvet Touch", "Heaven/Hell", "Framed In Blood"

* Well it's currently 25 as I have no idea how S is going to go. I have plenty of time to work that out tho, as I'm not going to be able to keep to the pace of one of these a day.

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