Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Under The Influence(s)


Sea of Skulls
This actually came from an embedded rock pavement on my daily drive to work. Although, the mist lack of memory and fog came from the very first d&d adventure I played at gobbo's game night. Laying down came from the opening to Lost.

The Afterlife Bar
Inspired by the last episode of Quantum Leap.

Bar Fight
Lifted from Rescue at Rivenroar adveture.

Shadow Creatures.
Nazgul in Lord of the Rings

The Lighthouses
The lodges in Twin Peaks

It was a chaotic neutral plane, and as such the wierdness was inspired by this t-shirt.

Lighthouse Bay
A visit to Dover museum showed Roman dover with this twin lighthouse layout

Climatic Lighthouse Battle
The climax to the classic film "The Vikings"

Choosing a Champion
The gods manipulation of the mortals in "Clash of the Titans"

Choosing an aspect
The character in Robin of Sherwood: Sword of the Templar can get a similar mark that bestows additional ability. Also the aforementioned game at Gobbo's had the pcs marked in someway. Never did find out why.

Real World

A coastal town, found on an old map from back in the day that the pcs had never been to. Also a desire to start them off somewhere small, local and familiar. Or a generic fantasy town. One of the two.

Elder Harmon
The title comes from the naming of Loial's elders in the Wheel of Time series. Also that character was called Haman, whereas mine took his name from the actor who plays Agent Gibbs in NCIS.

A van door passing by when I needed a name. :o)

Pointon Hall
The design of this came from somewhere I visited as a child, the main door opened up into a grand hall, with no windows as it was flanked on either side by corridoors with small antichambers. Upstairs there was a gallery to look over the main events.

Pointon Harbour
Lyme Regis

Jarek's entrance
Kyle Reese, in the Terminator, from conversation the night before.

Princes of the Dawn
The Astarte song "Princess of the Dawn". A cover of an old Accept song.

The shipwreck island
Lost again. Originally, the idea was to have them awake with no memory and shipwrecked, tho this was scrapped to provide the starting urban setting. This was reincorporated into the prelude. The temples and dungeons were akin to the Dharma stations on Lost.

I always wanted to do a zombie style d&d campaign, I would've got away with it too if it hadn't been for that pesky cleric!

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