Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Stuff I Read: Fairest v2: The Hidden Kingdom

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Stuff I Read

Fairest v2: The Hidden Kingdom

Collects: Fairest #7-14
This is an entertaining enough tale, featuring some of Japanese Fables that I'm not especially familiar with the inspiration for. It's not set in the current Fables continuity, being set somewhere earlier before the first volume of the main series. Bigby is still sherif, Jack Horner is still with Rose Red etc...

Essentially Rapunzel gets a brick through a window with the Japanese for children on it. It turns out that she is missing her children (a plot point I don't recall being settled in the main series. Essentially we get a tour through Japan with Rapunzel and Jack. The standout moment is Rapunzel being the classic ghost from films like Ringu, crawling out of a well with her hair going wild.

Saldy, the fact it is set before the main series, means that the characters are never in any real jeopardy. It's not the best Fables spin-off (Cinderella) but it certainly isn't the worst (Jack of Fables).

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