Monday, 2 September 2013

Stuff I Read: Fallen Angels

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Stuff I Read

Fallen Angels

Collects: Fallen Angels #1-8
One of the earliest X-Men spinoff series sees Sunspot (from the New Mutants) runaway from Xaviers' after a game of football goes wrong and he injures Cannonball. Basically, he hooks up with a group of street urchins (the titular Fallen Angels) led by Vanisher (who will go on to be in the post-Messiah CompleX itteration of X-Force) they're also joined by Siryn and Madrox who will go on to much better things in X-Factor. There's also Boom Boom, who will be in the original X-Force as Boomer. These are joined by some frankly awful characters such as Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur and a couple of mutant crabs. Yup. When I say that one of the cliffhangers between issues is when the Dinosaur squash a crab, you know roughly where we are.

One for completists only.

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