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X-Men Re-read: X-Infernus

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The Great X-Men Re-read


Collects: X-Infernus #1-4, Magik story from Divided We Stand, X-Men Unlimited #14, and New X-Men #37
Writer(s): C. B. Cebulski (and others for the bonus material)
Penciller(s): Giuseppe Camuncoli (and others in the bonus material)

Magik returns! Again!

Quick Synopsis
Core Cast: Magik, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Pixie, Mercury, Rockslide, Wolverine

This is a sequel to the Quest for Magik story-line in New X-Men: Childhood's End v5. So much so that it reprints the prologue to that story, as an introduction to how Magik came back.

It should be obvious by now how I feel about the Limbo portion of X-Men mythos, so expect this to be relatively short.

Essentially, Colossus is peeved that the X-Men can't save Illyana (Magik) from limbo. In limbo, Magik is looking for her soulsword and the original bloodstone amulet with her soul in it. Pixie flips out (she lost some of her soul in the aforementioned New X-Men arc) and stabs Nightcrawler with he soul dagger, when she removes it she inadvertently removes Magik's soulsword which was inside him too. I have no memory of how / when it got there. Perhaps in his solo Nightcrawler series from around 2004 which I haven't read or towards the end of Excalibur.

This brings Magik to the X-Men's San Francisco base to take the sword. Nightcrawler leads a team of Colossus, Pixie, Wolverine, Mercury and Rockslide into limbo, with Pixie teleporting in.

The villain of the story is Witchfire, the daughter of the original limbo big bad Belasco, who has usurped limbo from Magik. What follows is a skuffle for Limbo and Magik / Pixies soul. Neither Magik or Pixie get their souls fully back, but Witchfire is ousted from Limbo.

At the end Magik is convinced to stay with the X-Men.

Best Bit
Pixie stabbing Nightcrawler is pretty cool, from a wtf standpoint.

Final Words
As Limbo stories go, this is one of the better ones and brings Magik back on to the table with an interesting status quo.

7 / 10

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