Thursday, 3 December 2009

Favourite Albums - G

Ghost of Cain - New Model Army (1986)

First off how iconic is that cover? Awesome.

Going back to tapes when I was second year of uni 99-00, I was travelling around from Manchester to Lincoln or Nottingham a lot by train. I never took CDs around with me because the cases were hard to port about and portable CD players hard to skip, MP3 players were new on the scene with not much storage for a lot of £££. It might not have been a lot of £££, but it certainly was to a student!

One tape that did the rounds with me a lot was Love of Hopeless Causes (A) and Ghost of Cain (B) by New Model Army, so this album always reminds me of that period in my life. In more generally New Model Army reminds me of @EdLittle, days spent killing time in science scribbling NMA and me crossing them out. Or later in business studies, him trying to remember the entire lyrics to "Ballad" to write down on his folder.

I was listening to this a lot as we were off to see them in Manchester in March 2000, but the strongest gig related memory to this album was at their 20th anniversery gig at Nottingham Rock City in october that year, when they aborted the intro to "Poison Street" and the crowd sang it anyway. I have this on video, sadly I don't have a video player :o( I wish they'd bring it out on DVD.

Album wise, it starts off with a tale of vigilante justice in "The Hunt", and doesn't let up. Lyrically my favourite track is "Master Race" with the refrain ... kids scrawl frustration on the back street wall / Most of them can't even spell bastard being my quit message on IRC for a very long time. "Heroes" comes close with And the man has the skill and the man has the power / But the boy has the will to win and so much time. Tho I'll never like "Lovesongs" that much. It's probably Eddies favourite track, it usually works out that way! :o)

I was never much one for the great "Big Bang" theory / Going out in a blaze of suicidal glory Never truer words sang.

# Title Length
1 The Hunt 4.14
2 Lights Go Out 3.57
3 51st State 2.35
4 All of This 3.34
5 Poison Street 3.06
6 Western Dream 3.55
7 Lovesongs 3.02
8 Heroes 4.06
9 Ballad 3.55
10 Master Race 3.00
The singles were "51st State", "Poison Street". Sorry can't embed 51st state.
Favourite Tracks
"Heroes", "Master Race", "Poison Street"

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