Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Favourite Albums - E

Earth Vs The Wildhearts (1993)

Let's go back in time... sixth Form, september 1996 - june 1998, those were the days. Great times, mostly sandwiched between a really long bus journey about 50 minutes there and 40 back (not that it was any faster back, I just got off at a different stop) down seemingly endless windy roads that lasted forever.

There were many ways to stave off boredom on that trip that people (mainly @Tim2323 and @EdLittle), making words out of the no smoking sign, something involving band names I can't recall the rules to, asking the Oracle questions and er... fire.

Me, I had a portable tape player and a few tapes in my bag, the memorable ones being Iron Maiden - Best of the Beast, Pearl Jam - Ten (A) and Versus (B), Nirvana - Nevermind (A) and Bleach (B) nowadys it seems so odd to only carry about a few items of music on a journey, seeing as my ipod holds every piece of music I own (well apart from single bsides) on it, but those were different times. But the tape I credit most with getting me through was The Wildhearts - Earth vs (hence the point of the story) backed with PHUQ. This album always takes me back to that time, and that is reason alone to love it.

Of course it helps that it's packed with killer tune after killer tune. From "Greetings..." to "Love U..." this is "Riff After Riff After Motherfucking Riff". Absolute quality brit rock. If you like rock, you'll like this album. Flash fact.

It wears it's influences on it's sleeve with "Loveshit" bringing to mind Status Quo and a Beatles riff in "My Baby is a Headfuck", but is greater for it.

For awhile, they were "the band that got away", ie the band I loved most but had yet to see live. I came close when they played Milton Keynes and we had tickets, but I was taken ill and missed it. I finally got to see The Wildhearts live at download 2008, simply brilliant live. Ginger is an amazing front man and engages the crowd really well. Here's what happened when he asked for things to be thrown at him "for the true festival experience".

Just look up this album on last.fm or spotify or however the cool kids are doing it these days.

# Title Length
1 Greetings From Shitsville 4.31
2 TV Tan 4.30
3 Everlone 6.31
4 Shame On Me 3.57
5 Caffeine Bomb 2.39
6 Loveshit 3.57
7 The Miles Away Girl 5.38
8 My Baby Is a Headfuck 4.25
9 Suckerpunch 2.59
10 News of the World 5.50
11 Drinking About Life 2.04
12 Love U Til I Don't 5.04
The singles were "Greetings from Shitsville", "Caffeine Bomb" and "Suckerpunch". Plus TV Tan was an EP. Personally I'd have gone with "Loveshit", but they're all gold.
Favourite Tracks"TV Tan", "My Baby Is a Headfuck", "Loveshit", and pretty much every thing else...

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