Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Favourite Albums - J

Jennie Bomb - Sahara Hotnights (2002)

I only own 3 albums begining with J, and this is the best of them. It's power pop punk in the vain of The Donnas. I aquired it around it's release date, it was dark times, The Vaults had shut and I was going through an extended indie phase.

It's pleasant enough, I just don't have any real stories to go with it. The standout tracks are Alright Alright and On Top of your World both of which are singles and the videos are linked to below.

If anyone has any recomendations I'm all ears.

# Title Length
1 Alright Alright (Here's My Fist Where's The Fight?) 2.08
2 On Top of your World 3.17
3 Fire Alarm 3.08
4 With or Without Control 3.34
5 Keep Up The Speed 3.08
6 No Big Deal 1.55
7 Down and Out 2.41
8 Only The Fakes Survive 3.43
9 Whirlwind Reaper 3.38
10 Fall Into Line 3.29
11 Are You Happy Now? 2.33
12 Out of the System 2.39
Favourite Track
"On Top of Your World"

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