Friday, 4 December 2009

Favourite Albums - H

How To Make Friends and Influence People - Terrorvision (1994)
  • Defining album of my teens - This one.
  • Album that got me into rock - This one.
  • Favourite Album of All Time - This one.
  • Album to get into the party spirit - This one.
  • Album to lift a bad mood - This one.
  • Etc...

I mentioned The Vaults the other day, this was another CD that was on the jukebox, and it always used to get a great deal of use when we were in, except probably Ten Shades of Grey which probably isn't the sort of track to kick start a night in a rock pub, tho I'm pretty sure it would've got played when fingers and brains weren't too engaged late in the evening, tho my memories of this album go back to comprehensive school in '94 when it was released and we were all coming of age.

In this day and age of MP3 and playlists and shuffle and what not, it's reasonably rare to sit down and listen to an old CD how it's makers intended. You just pick out you fave tracks and they go on some sort of ├╝ber playlist. I know when I want to listen to some Terrorvision I put on my Terrorvision playlist on shuffle with all my favourite songs of theirs.

The latest Terrorvision tour in April to support the 15th(!) anniversery of this album they played the whole thing in order live. Before when I've seen bands play an album in order, it's not that much fun. Even when Iron Maiden did it in December 2006 supporting the A Matter of Life and Death (a fine album) it left me pretty cold. When Terrorvision did it with this album it was noticable how well it all hangs together even so many years on, with the quieter track Ten Shades of Grey coming in at the perfect time to give the crowd in the pit a breather.

The tracks Alice... and Oblivion are still floor fillers in rock clubs today.

The downside? If I had to pick one it's the hidden track. I can't stand hidden tracks at the best of times, but when it's just talking it's even worse, without it the album would be perfectly cyclic with the end of What Makes You Tick being the start of Alice, What's The Matter?

It's difficult to say what this album means to me. If you don't own this, you probably don't have a CD collection, imo.

# Title Length
1 Alice What's The Matter 2.44
2 Oblivion 3.04
3 Stop The Bus 3.44
4 Discotheque Wreck 3.18
5 Middleman 3.32
6 Still The Rhythm 3.32
7 Ten Shades of Grey 3.03
8 Stab in the Back 4.51
9 Pretend Best Friend 3.47
10 Time O The Signs 3.25
11 What The Doctor Ordered 2.18
12 Some People Say 3.03
13 What Makes You Tick 14.35
The singles were "Oblivion", "Middleman", "Pretend Best Friend", "Alice, What's the Matter?", "Some People Say"
Favourite Tracks
The album

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