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10 Fave Shows from the Last Decade

Shows of the last Decade

In a rechallenge after my top 5 Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes challenge, @Rickleton asked me my top ten shows of the last decade. This one was a real poser and I'm probably wrong (even tho it's my list) as I'm sure to have missed some stuff off, but here we go true believers!
Considering 9 and 10 just changed as I was writing this down, this is very influx!
10   Life on Mars / Ashes to Ashes
"Your're surrounded by armed bastards!" and yes they count as one show in my eyes - the policeperson stuck in the past (or are they?) show. Which is admitedly not as catchy so the beeb was probably right to go with what they did.
 9   The Inbetweeners
Bus Wankers! Camping Club! Fishing! Pure comedy gold, and all so true. Bec asked if boys are really like that. Now she doesn't want our son to go to school. At least we won't be sending him there with a briefcase.
8   Scrubs
"Let me go ahead and share alittle something special with you that i like to call Perry's perspective: one, if someone is standing in front of me in line at the coffee shop and can't decide what they want in the half hour it took to get to the register then i should be allowed to kill them; two, i am fairly sure that if they took porn off the internet, there would only be one website left and it would be called bring back the porn; three, and most importantly of all, the only way to be respected as a doctor and a man is to be an island, you are born alone, you damn sure die alone. isn't that right spike? the point is, and you might want to jot this down, only the weak need help."
The interplay between Dr Cox and JD is the highlight of this show.
But there'll be banana hammocks everywhere!
 7   Being Human
The concept sounds like something you would come up with in a pub. "What would happen if a ghost, a werewof and a vampire lived together? But the result is so much more. Now getting a remake in the states. That'll be as successful as their version of Life on Mars then.
6   True Blood
Sort of like the best X-Men tales, where being a mutant and mutant oppression is an allegory for racism, so is this, but with vampires who have come out of the shadows thanks to a blood subsititute you can buy in bars, add in a serial killer and the fact that vampire blood is a drug for humans you have an orignal take on vampires. Throw in a psychic and a shapechanger and your on the way to funtimes.
Speaking of the X-Men...
 5   Wolverine and the X-Men
Controversial choice, as I'm only 20 episodes in, but this is the X-Men done right. I was sceptical due to the name, as wolverine is far from my favourite x-person so more wolverine was pretty much the last thing an x-verse adaptation needs. There is knowing nods (rarely a cameo wasted) to people who have read a lot of X-Men, but you never need to have. Probably the best X-adaptation since the 1990's cartoon series. There are at least 4 different threads running through the series with a sequential plot line rarely found in a cartoon program aired on cbbc. Plus there is a really good Emma Frost arc. This is how cartoons used to be, at least in my mind's eye. Best cartoon since Mysterious Cities of Gold. There I said it.
If I wasn't watching it, would I have included it? That's the question that only time will answer. I like to think yes.
4   Dexter
He's a nice guy, but a serial killer, but still a nice guy. The highlight season was season 2 with the whole, how is he going to get away with that vibe.
 3   Doctor Who
If you're going to bring a show back this is how to do it. It's dragged a little in the off season, but look set to dominate 2010 when it returns with doctor 11.
2   Lost
For the best TV, there is an element of the unknown and Lost certainly has that, there are mysteries. Things aren't explained straight away (if at all), even when they are there isn't a knowing nudge to the viewer saying "eh, eh? See what we did there, we're so smart!" you're expected to pay attention, keep up and remember stuff. Anything that has websites devoted to theories on what is going to happen is a good thing. It started to lag a little in season 3, but the writers took the unprecidented move of negotiating an end date, with a finite number of episodes left things kicked back to high gear and haven't looked back. The fact that no-one knows what season 6 (the final one) will bring only heightens expectation.
 1   Supernatural
This. This is how you create a new universe show. You start with "monster of the week" episodes gradually building the audience and introducing the mythology. You have killer cliffhangers each season so you never know what goes on. You have two awesome leads that really bounce off each other. You have humour, but never let it over power it, indeed some of the "comedy" episodes are the most poignant (Yes, Mystery Spot - I'm looking at you. Tuesday? Pig in a poke. Heat of the moment. Etc..)
Each season the stakes get higher and higher. Pure brilliance.
I could talk about this show forever, and if you expect me to do that, mines a purple nurple.

You had it... you lost it.
Heroes - Up until the last episode of season 1, quality. Last episode of season one - average to poor.
24 - Seasons 1-4, great, afterwards plot recycling costs and knowing the characters ultimate fates cost it a place in the top 10.
Sanctuary - Strong enough 1st season, second season the cliffhanger was resolved in an unfavourable way, eventually leading to a give up.

Gah, can't believe I didn't include...
Firefly (all too short), Dollhouse (almost, almost), Peep Show, Mighty Boosh and probably lots more.

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