Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Favourite Albums - L

Levelling the Land - Levellers (1991)

For L we have a bit of modern folk, from highlighting the battle of the beanfield, in the song of the same name to inspiring uplifting songs for life such as One Way.

If you only do one thing with this post, watch the last video.

The Boatman, with it's "if I could choose the life I lead..." lyric reminds me of bus journeys to and from De Aston. (For the record, I'd be a free man.) The whole album was on the jukebox at Harry's Bar when I was a student and always used to get a couple of plays. And later, to more recent years, One Way is used as a kick out tune at a manchester nightclub. So it's an album that's always been around me and probably always will be.

# Title Length
1 One Way 4.08
2 The Game 3.28
3 The Boatman 5.57
4 Liberty Song 4.29
5 Far From Home 3.47
6 Sell Out 4.17
7 Another Man's Cause 4.34
8 The Road 4.00
9 The Riverflow 3.02
10 Battle of the Beanfield 3.41
11 Fifteen Years 3.08
The singles were "One Way", "Far From Home" and "Fifteen Years"
Favourite Tracks
One Way, Battle of the Beanfield, Liberty Song

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