Wednesday, 6 January 2010

5 Favourite...

5 Favourite Star Trek: The Next Generation Episodes

The other day in email I asked @Rickleton what his 5 favourite next generation episodes were. This was his list, and this is mine.
5   1x25 - Conspiracy
Ah, when a TV show season used to get to 25 comfortably. Anyway, I think that this was the first episode of the next generation that really got me, don't get me wrong, the rest of the first season was pleasent and enjoyable 6pm wednesday viewing with the folks, but corruption! Intrugue! Betrayal!
 4   6x07 - Relics
It's the Next Generation, but with Scotty! The highlight being in the holodeck, (Hurrah! a use for it that wasn't a cheap psuedo time travel episode) where he tries to get it display the bridge of the Enterprise and says "No bloody A, B, C, or D". Amen sir, the millions who watched last years Star Trek film agree with you.
3   7x12 - The Pegasus
It has a spaceship, in a rock. How cool is that? How did it get there? What's Riker's old Captain up to? Where do Riker's loyalties lay? (Well after nearly 7 seasons, it should be fairly obvious. There was never a high turnaround of main cast). It has mystery galore, which is the key to good drama. And Romulans. Can't beat a bit of Romulan, unless it's in Star Trek: Nemesis of course.
 2   5x24 - The Next Phase
I always wondered what it would be like to see your own funeral, and this is Trek telling that story. Almost. We don't quite get that far, but it's a good take on the concept. Plus as background to this is a stand off with the Romulans. Can't beat a bit of Rom... oh nevermind, you get the point.
1   3x15 - Yesterday's Enterprise
Getting to see a new Enterprise, how awesome is that? All good things are here, alternative realities, battles and explosions, plus giving a character who died a pointless death a chance to go out in a bit more style. I seem to recall it's called a pointless death in the episode by Guinan.

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