Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Favourite Albums - Y

Honourable Mentions
  • Yield - Pearl Jam
  • You Could Have it So Much better - Franz Ferdinand
  • Youth and Young Manhood - Kings of Leon
Youthanasia - Megadeth (1994)
Youthanasia - Megadeth (1994)

A top quality Megadeth album, packed full of classics such as Reckoning Day, Train of Consequences and A Tout Le Monde. A Tout Le Monde is a song that I want played at my funeral, tho it's probably heresy to say this I do prefer the rereleased version with Cristina Scabbia that was on United Abominations in 2007. Please note that this superseeds any previous instruction for Wrestlemania VIII to be shown.

Aside from the famous tracks, there is some real quality here such as Elysian Fields, with its chorus of Elysian Fields... / We are storming the heavens / To raise the swords and shields / We ascend to our destiny / To the Elysian fields and Blood of Heroes with Still alive / Blood of heroes / Never die / They never die which both get spins when I'm plotting anything D&D related.

Also, I didn't realise it when I first heard it many moons ago, there is the song Victory which uses other Megadeth song titles heavily in it's lyrics.

Favourite Tracks
"Reckoning Day","Train of Consequences","A Tout Le Monde"

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