Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Hopefully to be found...

This post concerns LOST and it's final season. These are the questions I would like answers to before the end of the show at the end of May.

A - Please Answer...

Things I really want to know before LOST ends

  1. What is the origin of the Jacob / MIB conflict?
  2. What have been Widmore's motives?
  3. Why can't Ben and Widmore kill each other?
  4. What were the rules in The Shape of Things to Come? How did Widmore change them?
  5. What is the significance of the flash sideways timeline?
  6. What is Richard's origin?
  7. Who sent the periodic resupply drops?
  8. Who said "Help me" in the Cabin when Locke visited it first?
  9. Who has been using the cabin and was it ever Jacob's?
  10. Who were Adam and Eve? How and when did they die?
  11. Why couldn't MIB kill Jacob? What was the loophole he found?
  12. What are the whispers?
  13. Who was the boy in The Substitute?
  14. Why does Ilana state that the Man in Black is now locked in Locke's form?
  15. What is Christian and what happened to his body?
  16. What is the sickness / infection that has Sayid (and probably Claire)?

B - Would Be Nice To Know...

Things it would be nice to have answered before LOST ends, but can live without.

  1. How did Jughead blow the survivors from 1977 to 2007?
  2. What is Aaron's supposed significance?
  3. How did the Black Rock get in the middle of the island?
  4. How did the statue break?
  5. Who shot at the boat during the time flashes?
  6. Why is Jacob bringing people to the island, and what is the 'end product' he is seeking?
  7. Why did killing Dogen allow MIB to enter the temple?
  8. Why did Adam and Eve have black and white stones in their pockets?
  9. How did Harper suddenly appear and disappear into the jungle in The Other Woman?
  10. Who listed the Candidates in the Lighthouse?
  11. Who listed the Candidates in the cliffside cave?
  12. How was Sayid ressurected? Was that the intended result?
  13. Whose eye did Hurley see in the cabin?

C - Erm... I Think You'll Be Left Hanging There Mate.

Closure desired on these, but don't think the show will get to them before the end.

  1. How did Jacob / MIB get their powers?
  2. Why was Walt so special?
  3. What is the origin and power of the Numbers?
  4. Is the sickness/infection that has Sayid the same that affected Rousseau's science team?
  5. What's the reasoning behind the Other's burial rituals?
  6. What was that giant bird?
  7. Why did Richard Malkin insist that Claire must raise her child by herself?
  8. Why did some survivors go to 1977 after the Ajira flight and others like Sun and Ben stay in 2007?
  9. Why were there pregnancy issues on the island?

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