Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Stuff I Read: Batman: The Dark Knight v1: Knight Terrors

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Stuff I Read

Batman: The Dark Knight v1: Knight Terrors

Collects: Batman: The Dark Knight #1-9

Style over substance, beyond the art and negating the merits or otherwise of the New 52 there's not a great deal to like here.

Essentially, it's a Venom / Bane story which is nowhere near as good as any that have come before. For a Venom story, get Batman: Venom. For a Bane story, get Batman: Kinghtfall. Batman doesn't even defeat Bane, it's down to the Flash to save the day.

Also included is a dull Mad Hatter story, and a tie in to the Night of Owls mini bat-event, written from a Talon's perspective and is probably the best tale, tho I get the feeling it's referencing things I haven't read yet.

Those looking for a modern Batman story, try Batman: The Black Mirror or Batman: The Court of Owls.

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