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X-Men Re-read: Cable v1: Messiah War

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The Great X-Men Re-read

Cable v1: Messiah War

Collects: Cable #1-5
Writer(s): Duane Swierczynski
Penciller(s): Ariel Olivetti

Cable gets his own series after Cyclops sent him into the future to keep the messiah child safe. Quite why this collection is called Messiah War I'll never know, maybe it sounded cooler than War Baby - the actual name for the arc. It just get's confusing with the later crossover Messiah War between Cable and X-Force.

Quick Synopsis
War Baby (Cable #1-5)
The story is pretty simple, Cable arrives in the future and sets about trying to keep the baby fed and safe. He's chased by Bishop who wants the baby dead. We get a few flashbacks to how Bishop got his new arm (after the other was ripped off in Messiah CompleX by a Predator X), with time travel capabilities - seriously Forge needs to make himself some better locks.

Cable has issues with his time travel device, and it turns out that he can only jump forwards in time. Cable and Bishop clash, but Cable runs away in time again. The art takes some getting used to but it is really good, just not in a traditional comic style.

Best Bit
When the waitress who has been helping Cable tools up with weapons from the ruins of Xaviers' and takes out the corrupt law in future New York.

Final Words
Good start, but already starting to stretch things out. This is essentially something for Cable / the baby to do while we wait for Second Coming.

7 / 10

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