Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Stuff I Read: Madrox: Multiple Choice

Collects: Madrox #1-5
Writer(s): Peter David
Penciller(s): Pablo Raimondi

Quick Synopsis
Core Cast: Madrox, Wolfsbane, Strong Guy

This came a few months before House of M, so falls outside the remit of the Great X-Men Re-read, but seeing as we're starting X-Factor from the first collection The Longest Night, this mini-series focusing on Jamie Madrox deserves a look over. Pretty much any excuse to pull this off the shelf is welcome. This volume introduces us to X-Factor Investigations, which begins life called XXX Investigation, but the name gets changed at the end to something more familiar as that "sounds like they investigate porn".

Multiple Choice essentially heralds in the new volume of X-Factor and reestablishes the characters of Jamie Madrox, Wolfsbane and Strong Guy as Jamie investigates the murder of one of his dupes.

Jamie's dupes begin to take on aspects of his own personality with unpredictable results, as we'll see in the first volume of X-Factor proper.

Best Bits
Jamie Madrox, snappy dialog and moody art.

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