Saturday, 31 August 2013

Stuff I Read: Saga of the Swamp Thing v4

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Stuff I Read

Saga of the Swamp Thing v4

Collects: Saga of the Swamp Thing #43-50
The fourth collection of Alan Moore's Swamp Thing. I really love the late 80s early 90s era of DC / Vertigo comics. There is something we loose in computer coloured art and a lack of white-space.

This collection features a couple of standalone horror tales I've got used to in this series and it mainly features a story building off Crisis on Infinite Earths as Constantine and Swamp Thing try and keep the spiritual side of the DCU together.

To be honest I'm not really a fan of this metaphysical side of the DCU and it's strange to see swampy interacting with characters such as Phantom Stranger, the Demon. Never having really read any of Constantine before Hellblazer, it's even weirder to see him talking to Batman. This has the classic Parliament of Trees story in it, but I find Swamp Thing gets lost in the weirdness as things go into other planes in #50. It's a good collection, but I think I preferred the previous 3.

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