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X-Men Re-read: New X-Men: Childhood's End v5

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The Great X-Men Re-read

New X-Men: Childhood's End v5

Collects: New X-Men: #37-43
Writer(s): Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost
Penciller(s): Paco Medina, Skottie Young

A Limbo story. Grand.

Quick Synopsis
Quest for Magik (New X-Men: #37-41)
In the prologue, there is a recap of Illyana Rasputin's (Magik) history with limbo, presented in the framing sequence of the young mutants telling ghost stories. This one is told by Blindfold. At the end of the story, they are all sucked into Limbo, by a returned Belasco.

Essentially, there is a lot of Limbo demon related shenanigans. Basically, the main event that has reprocushions is that Pixie looses two blood stones (part of her soul) to Darkchilde (the souless version of Illyana). It ends with Darkchilde vowing to regain her lost soul, which sets up X-Infernus.

Children of X-Men (New X-Men #42-43)
The New X-Men take stock of what has been happening. They also try and work out who is the youngest mutant left alive. David (Prodigy) whose power was to learn quickly has the memories of everything he has learnt re-activated by the Stepford Cuckoos after he goes to them after catching Surge and Hellion embracing. Surge was trying to get Prodigy to leave the X-Men, to protect him.

Meanwhile, Matthew Risman has taken charge of the Purifiers and is directing Predator X to Xavier's, using Dust's old burqa, left behind back in Childhood's End v2, by X-23 when she impersonated Dust. Predator X is almost at the Institute when it suddenly finds a new target and deviates away.

Best Bit
Well, the Pixie soul thing leads to some interesting character development from being a background fixture, to a main player.

Final Words
Not my favourite part of the X-Men mythos and bad art make this a skimmer.

5 / 10

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