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X-Men Re-read: New X-Men: Childhood's End v3

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The Great X-Men Re-read

New X-Men: Childhood's End v3

Collects: New X-Men: #28-32
Writer(s): Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost
Penciller(s): Paco Medina, Mike Norton

The finale to the first year of New X-Men.

Quick Synopsis
Nimrod (New X-Men: #28-31)
Jay's death is investigated by the X-Men and some of the ("New", I think) Avengers (Iron Man, Ms Marvel) who find the clue "Nimr" written in his blood. Ms Marvel comes back to the mansion to inform the X-Men of Jay's death with the ulterior motive of mentioning the Superhero registration Act (from Civil War), but is deftly rebuked by Emma Frost who shows her images of the bus explosion, the funerals and wonders where the Avengers where. She shows Carol (Ms Marvel) Jay's family and asks if she wants to help make the phone call telling them that Jay is dead. Emma dismisses Carol and breaks down.

Nimrod goes to Forge who had repaired him in the future and uses threats on Forge's future wife to force himself to be repaired.

X-23 has overheard about Jay's death and the "Nimr", the New X-Men think this is a reference to Nimrod, but the X-Men disregard this and head to the wedding of Storm and Black Panther in the Black Panther comic, warning them to stay put and be guarded by the O*N*E.

The New X-Men disregard this, steal a plane with the (depowered) Prodigy flying. They go to track down Nimrod, unware that Forge has reprogrammed it to be a mutant protector instead. As they fight Nimrod, it's original programming resurfaces.

They overload Nimrod's temporal circuits, sending it into the past. (I assume to it's original appearance?). Rockslide is turned into rubble but manages to rebuild himself. X-23 is mortally wounded and Jullian (Hellion) races to get her to Josh (Elixir) to be healed. To enable this Emma Frost breaks down the barriers in his mind disabling his control over his powers making him able to break the sound barrier. X-23 is saved and the Purifiers are shown to be plotting their next move.

Whatever Happened to Wither? (New X-Men #32)
Former New Mutants and Hellion squad member Wither is seduced by Selene, the Black Queen, into using his powers to kill. In a plot thread that will dangle until the much later Necrosha X. Back at the mansion, a memorial is held to honor all the X-Men and students who have perished, which is also attended by Ms Marvel.

Best Bit
Emma's dressing down of Ms. Marvel.

Final Words
The end of the first year (real time) of the New X-Men series wraps up nicely.

Great Wrap Up
8 / 10

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