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X-Men Re-read: X-Factor v1: The Longest Night

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The Great X-Men Re-read

X-Factor v1: The Longest Night

Collects: X-Factor 1-6
Writer(s): Peter David
Penciller(s): Ryan Sook, Dennis Calero

Launching just after House of M, and picking up from Madrox: Multiple Choice, X-Factor Investigations takes it's first case.

Quick Synopsis
Core Cast: Layla Miller, Monet St Croix (M), Jamie Madrox, Julio "Ric" Richter (Rictor), Theresa Cassidy (Siryn), Guido (Strong Guy),  Rahne Sinclair (Wolfsbane)

We're reintroduced to the cast from Madrox: Multiple Choice (Strong Guy and Wolfsbane) along with some more additions, as Jamie has some more cash after winning the US version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? It technically wasn't cheating as the phone a friend was all his dupes.

Rictor has been depowered by M-Day and is unable to cope without his connection to the earth. He's contemplating suicide on a ledge. Jamie's dupes are still unpredictable so he creates a few and selects the best one for the job, unfortunately it's the part of Jamie that can't be trusted and he throws Ric off the building after trying to recruit him to X-Factor Investigations. Luckily he's saved by Monet.

Also turning up at X-Factor Investigations is Layla Miller, the "reset switch" from House of M, who installs herself in the organisation. After all, she's "Layla Miller and she knows stuff." After Ric is saved and teh caset is fully assembled, the main villains of this collection are Singularity Inc, another investigation agency.

Layla shows a sinister side, assisted by Sook's moody style as she electrocutes a trespasser while left alone in the office. Her catchphrase "I'm Layla Miller", "I know stuff" is executed really well in this sequence.

Theresa is kidnapped by someone who imobilises her and tortures her, but she is saved by (the powerless) Ric, who proves his worth to himself, being set up by the chaps at Singularity.

In the aftermath of Theresa's ordeal, Madrox tries to scare them off with an ambush of him and many dupes in central park. As we'll see next volume this isn't successful. There's also a hint to Layla's power as she brings a butterfly back to life.

Best Bit
Jamie's unpredictable dupe, trying to talk Ric down from jumping, but only throwing him off the ledge.

Final Words
Great, but not self contained.

Has the X-Factor
9 / 10

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