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X-Men Re-read: New X-Men: Childhood's End v4

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The Great X-Men Re-read

New X-Men: Childhood's End v4

Collects: New X-Men: #33-36
Writer(s): Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost
Penciller(s): Paco Medina

In which we find out why Emma was right about not wanting X-23 around.

Quick Synopsis
Mercury Falling (New X-Men: #33-36)
Picking up plot threads from X-23: Target X, Mercury is captured by Kimura, after a fight between Mercury, X-23 and Kimura. X-23 tried to lure Kimura away, but it turned out it was Mercury they wanted all along. She is experimented on by scientists who want to use her living mercury to create a skin for a mutant hunting animal-like being called Predator X.

X-23 and Hellion track Mercury down and attempt a rescue after encountering, basically, a small army they are assisted by the New X-Men and some of the Astonishing X-Men, including Emma Frost, who arrive to rescue the young Kimura tries again to attack X-23 back at the mansion, but Emma messes with her head to resolve the threat once and for all.

Best Bit
Mercury getting some exposure after being in the background for awhile.

Final Words
Not epic, but still a good X-Men story. Still with a body

7 / 10

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